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Network Analysis & Visibility (NAV)

Forrester deems NAV a Critical Zero Trust Technology. There can be no Zero Trust without visibility into what’s happening inside networks. NAV technology provides intelligence on, correlation with, and visibility into all aspects of the network, from endpoints to the cloud.

You have no doubt invested in endpoint security, network firewalls, cloud email, and maybe even DNS security. What if we could leverage your existing investments to empower an integrated solution that not only detects compromise, but automatically responds by blocking the threats

How long are you willing to tolerate your systems communicating with a threat actor? Rather than letting at attack dwell inside your organization, aren't you better off automatically containing those communications? Is automation better than just sending an alert and waiting for someone to take action?

While we're at it, why don't we also include the following attributes:

  • Fast time to value with data collection in as little as 15 minutes and wizard-driven integration
  • Easy to use and understand using intuitive visualizations and guided workflows
  • Scalable for any size organization from 1 to 10,000+ endpoints
  • Suitable for any infrastructure: local, cloud, or hybrid

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