How Optimized is Your Security?

At Caribbean Solutions Lab, security is our only focus. Let us assist you with evolving your security from a reactive state to an optimized one.

Your Trusted Security Provider

Information Security is not a discrete project but a continuous process. As the threats from hackers, organized crime, computer viruses and other malware increase, countermeasures logically increase in number and in functionality. It becomes increasingly important to regularly monitor these countermeasures and perform adjustments to settings, policies and security postures as necessary. Caribbean Solutions Lab recognizes that IT administrators often wear many hats, performing many roles in an organization and often do not have the necessary resources to regularly monitor information security systems and recommends outsourcing to a Trusted Security Advisor the regular health check, maintenance or implementation duties. Contact us to see how we can become your trusted advisor and optimize your security.

Benefits of Utilizing a Trusted Security Provider

  • Staff: Professionally trained talent to manage and implement security programs and plans.
  • Solutions: Carefully researched and selected security technologies.
  • Cost: Lower total cost of ownership for labor and technology through scaling, configuration, maintenance of technology solutions, training personnel, and researching processes and products.
  • Knowledge: Experience, skills and resources to discover and remediate vulnerabilities, face new security threats and solve complex security problems.


The opportunity cost or trade-off for security is convenience. In addition to the rise in malware, organizations are faced with economic challenges, forcing them to protect more with less. A balance must be achieved technically, administratively and financially.

Our solutions are always appropriately sized for the customer, maximizing security and value for money. We strive to empower your organization through the intelligent application of integrated, optimized, manageable and secure solutions.

McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams